Novum Designer Assist

Novum Designer Assist is a value-added service that has become increasingly popular with architects, general contractors, and developers. Our program consists of a highly collaborative process that achieves the design intent within well-defined cost parameters. Novum works with the entire construction team in the development of technical solutions that preserve aesthetic and performance objectives while being highly respectful of cost. As solutions are being developed, Novum provides real-time budgeting which enables the architectural team to investigate ideas for change with the added benefit of immediate feedback on pricing. As a single-source specialty contractor, we are very well positioned to give you the most accurate pricing for the construction of your project. Novum itemizes impacts for design while providing a menu of options for quick decision-making throughout the entire Designer Assist process. Ultimately, a beautiful high-performance design is created and built while eliminating the need for value engineering later in the project life cycle.