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  • Novum was selected as part of our Designer Assist process to engineer, fabricate, supply, and install the façade for the lobby of the 16 Chestnut project in Denver, CO. The façade is 28’ tall and approx. 84’ long with two angle changes in plan. Due to the angles in the wall, Novum had to develop a solution that controlled the deflection of the façade under wind loading at the angles. The design had to limit the separation of the glass panels of the wall when the wall is pulled out of the building under wind suction loads and to prevent the glass panels from colliding when the wall is pushed inward under wind pressure loads. To control the deflection of the wall at the angle changes, a higher level of pre-tension was introduced into the cables near these angle changes vs the cables used in other locations. The higher level of pre-tension in the cables reduced the deflection of the cable and thus the deflection of the wall.

    The façade on 16 Chestnut is supported by a series of vertically running Novum Tension Cables. The 34mm diameter Stainless Steel Tension Cables occur behind each vertical glass joint. The end fitting for each Tension Cable is a steel assembly attached to an embed that is cast into the concrete structure at the top and bottom of the wall.


    Stainless Steel Novum Corner Clamp Glazing Supports were used to support the glazing on 16 Chestnut. The clamps outer plate is 6.5” wide by 4.5” tall and attaches to an inner plate with a cable clamp on the inside of the building to complete the assembly. The glass is clamped at the corners of the panels and at the midspan of the middle row of glass. The glass on the project is insulated glass made up of a clear monolithic layer on the outside and a laminated layer of low iron glass on the inside. All of the glass on the project is fully tempered and heat soak tested.

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Size: 2,210 sq ft / 205 sq m

Systems Used: Tension Cable, Corner Clamped Glass

Architects: Gensler

General Contractor: Saunders Construction, Inc.

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