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  • Novum collaborated with the Architect in a Designer Assist role to engineer, fabricate, and install a transparent façade and canopy for a new office building in downtown Milwaukee, WI. The use of a suspended horizontal steel solution, in combination with the Novum Architecturally Exposed Steel, Tension Rod], and Point Supported Glass Systems created an elegant entrance for the two 30’ wide by 54’ tall façade. The canopy extends from the façade 6’-9” and is 20’ wide. The canopy uses steel outriggers extending from the door portal structure to support the glass. The glass for the canopy is supported with a Novum Edge Clamped Glazing Support System.

    The outriggers for the canopy are Novum AES Tubes that are painted HSS 8x3 that extend 6’-9” from the façade. The ends of the outriggers are closed off and given a slight taper. The typical canopy glass panel is a 6’-9” long by 5’ wide laminated glass panel consisting of low iron glass. The glass for the canopy is supported with three Novum Edge Clamped Glazing system supports per side. On the edges of the canopy is a trim piece that also acts as a canopy gutter for the edges.


    The walls are supported by the Novum AES Tubes that are painted HSS 12x3 that span 30’ from column to column across the wall for each wall. The tubes are suspended from above by ½” diameter stainless steel Novum Tension Rods that carry the dead load of the wall to the support structure above the wall. The typical glass panel is a 9’ tall by 5’ wide insulated glass panel that consists of a monolithic lite on the interior and exterior of the makeup. Low iron is used for the interior lite. A low-e was also used to help with thermal performance for the wall. The glass is supported with Novum Point Supported Glazing System supports that are shifted vertically into the plane of the panel 1’ which helps reduce the structural span of the glass.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Size: 3,140 sq ft / 295 sq m

Systems Used: Architecturally Exposed Steel, Tension Rod, Point Supported Glass, Edge Clamped Glass

Architects: Kahler Slater

General Contractor: CG Schmidt Inc.