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  • Novum utilized its unique Designer Assist process to provide a system solution to the conceptualization for the new entrance canopy at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL. Novum assisted the architectural team to define a structural glass and steel solution for the renovation project which added 230,000 square feet to the existing building. Arched in plan, the Canopy measures approximately 85’-0” along its outer arc x 37’-0” deep. Glazing is hung below a steel structure via Novum’s Point Supported Glass System, which added the modern aesthetic the design team had anticipated.

    HOK was hired to develop a freeform canopy concept. Early in the conceptualization phase, Novum worked with the design team to develop a solution for a freeform design and budget. The design team discussed the cost of the freeform design with the owner and identified that the original concept would not meet the desired budget for the canopy. Collaboratively, through its Designer Assist process, Novum worked with the design team to develop a solution that would meet the design intent and budget goals for the project. The decision to pivot from the freeform concept to the Novum solution was adopted and established.


    The final drawings were completed for a competitive bid and the general contractor awarded Novum the canopy. The Novum scope included both the Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel and the Underslung Point Supported Glass for the canopy. This example provides an excellent illustration of how Novum Designer Assist eliminates Value Engineering. Novum’s in-house expertise delivered a system solution to the design team in the design phase, which saved time and money by pivoting away from conventional methods. The owner and architect are extremely pleased with the result that the Novum Designer Assist process created.

Location: Barrington, Illinois, USA

Size: 2,600 sq ft / 245 sq m

Systems Used: Architecturally Exposed Steel, Point Supported Glass

Architects: HOK

General Contractor: Mortenson