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  • At the heart of the new BioLegend Headquarters in San Diego, CA, is an atrium space that was engineered, fabricated, and installed by Novum as part of the Novum Designer Assist Service. The stunningly transparent atrium consists of a glass roof, a glass soffit, and three glass walls that are each over 50’ tall. The use of Novum’s Buttonhead Point Supported Glazing System allows for clean and structure-free glass-to-glass corners at all edges of the atrium. Utilizing Novum Architecturally Exposed Steel, in combination with the Novum Tension Rod System to support the structural glass, minimizes the structural support for the glass cladding. The glass and minimal structure allow for maximum natural light to flood through the atrium creating a unique and inviting space in the heart of the new building.

    The three-sided glass wall atrium is supported by painted horizontal HSS 8x3 AES members. The horizontal steel members run behind the horizontal glass joints. Wind loads on the walls are supported by the horizontal steel members that carry the load back to the building structure. Every 15’ to 20’ 2” O.D. round bars connect the horizontal steel to the building columns. The dead load of the walls is carried to the top of the wall through 12mm stainless steel tension rods that run behind the vertical glass joints. The tension rods span from horizontal steel member to horizontal steel member. At the top of the wall are HSS 10x4 AES members that extend out from the building roof structure. The HSS 10x4 members support the top row of glass, the glass roof on top of the atrium, and support the dead load of the entire wall of the atrium where the tension rod members connect.


    The atrium consists of insulated glass that occurs on all three walls, the soffit, and the roof. The entire glass makeup is made of low-iron glass and there is a low-e next to the air space of the insulated space. The wall panels are typically 5’ x 8’ with the largest panels being 11’ tall at the top of the wall. The roof glass is 5’ x 4’-3” and the soffit glass is 5’ x 3’. These two horizontal surfaces both have frits. All of the glass is supported by Novum Buttonhead Point Supports with Stainless Steel Plate Spiders on their respective AES steel backup structure.

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Size: 8,500 ft² / 790 m²

Systems Used: Architecturally Exposed Steel, Tension Rod, Point Supported Glass

Architects: Delawie

General Contractor: DPR Construction

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