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  • Novum was selected by WHR Architects early in the design phase to provide a system solution for this magnificent curved structure in Houston, Texas. As part of the designer-assist contract, Novum provided the full engineering, fabrication, and installation of (3) majestic 91’ tall glass facades, which are u-shaped in plan. Novum was faced with a fast-paced schedule as this high-profile project had to be completed in time for Houston to host the much anticipated Super Bowl LI. The façade consists of suspended horizontal tubes and point supported glass, which allowed expanses of glass nearly 8’ tall with no vertical mullions, and uses curved glass panels at the corners.

    The façade is supported by horizontally spanning HSS12x3 steel members which run between building columns. These members are suspended from above by stainless steel tension rods approximately 5/8” in diameter. The upper area of the identical North and South Façades measures approximately 80’-0” wide x 68’-4” high and has a return wall at each end measuring approximately 35’-0” deep at its most extreme point. Each side section measures approximately 19’-3” wide x 15’-2” high and has a return wall on one end only measuring approximately 10’-0” deep.


    The center façade measures approximately 100’-0” wide x 91’-2” high and has a return wall at each end measuring approximately 45’-0” deep at its most extreme point. For the upper North and South Façades and the Center Façade, glazing is supported off a horizontal steel structure via Novum’s Point Supported Glass System (PSG-System). The point-supported glass façade uses low-iron laminated insulated glass with a low-e coating on the number two surface. In a distinctive touch, instead of having standard 90º corners, the glass panels are curved to a 5’ radius at the corners of the façade. The project was a remarkable achievement utilizing Novum Architecturally Exposed Steel, Tension Rod, and Point Supported Glass Systems and WHR could not have been more proud of our Designer Assist capabilities and the outcome of the new renovation.

Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Size: 28,900 sq ft / 2,685 sq m

Systems Used: Architecturally Exposed Steel, Tension Rod, Point Supported Glass

Architects: WHR Architects

General Contractor: Vaughn Construction

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