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  • Novum assisted the One York Development Team in collaboratively developing a technical solution for glass and steel which delivered the architect’s design intent while staying within the owner's targeted budget. Novum’s mission was to utilize our in-house global team of engineers, steel fabricators and installers to provide a systems-based solution created for high quality affordability while reducing engineering, fabrication and installation costs.

    Novum was introduced to the One York Street Development project in January of 2013, early in its conceptualization phase, to discuss preliminary solutions for the project. Novum used Systems Based Solutions to develop three Structural Grid Options for consideration. The first and second option presented included Structural Glass on a Cable Net and a Cable Net. The third was a Design Option for the Cable Wall & Canopy. For each option, Novum presented a corresponding Price Tracker which provided the team with exact budgeting throughout the design process. As changes were requested and developed, Novum immediately reported impacts to engineering and the budget by leveraging our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as our global sourcing network. Novum’s “Real Time Budgeting” gave the owner peace of mind knowing he was getting exactly what he wanted from a design prospective while maintaining strict control over the budget.

    When the One York Development team selected their desired option Novum got fast to work and gathered its global team of experts for discussions on engineering of glass and steel, in-house fabrication, construction planning, scheduling, action plans, site mobilization, final execution and installation strategies. By utilizing our geographic strategy, we added value by offering a wide selection of expertise, more competitive pricing, faster delivery and a higher quality of service. In the final phase of Designer Assist, Novum was selected and contracted by the One York Development team to furnish and install the glass and steel for the multifaceted project which included a lobby cable facade, an exterior glass and steel canopy and a glass balustrade.


    By engaging the Designer Assist Process early in the conceptualization phase, Novum was able to deliver the entire project single source from conception to final execution while adhering to a strict budget.

    The Lobby Cable Wall encloses two (2) sides of the Lobby and has two (2) return walls. The wall measures approximately 36.5 meters wide at both the West and South elevations, with a height of 22 meters. Stainless steel tension cables provide support for the lower 16 meters of the wall. Vertical steel provides support for the upper 6 meters of the wall. The glass attaches to the tension cables and steel via Novum’s Point Supported Glass System.

    The Glass Canopy runs along all elevations of the Lobby Cable Wall and extends along the West elevation of the PATH. The Canopy is approximately 3 meters deep and 4.5 meters tall. The steel structure is comprised of square HSS columns and purlins and tapered wide flange outriggers. The glazing is supported above the structure via Novum’s Point Supported Glass System.
    The Glass Balustrade runs above the head of the Lobby Cable Wall at the Podium Terrace. The Balustrade is 1.07 meters tall and extends approximately 75 meters. The glass is supported via stainless steel posts and rails.

    The benefits provided by Novum Designer Assist, in collaboration with our in-house engineering, fabrication, supply and installation capabilities as a single source contractor, provided technical solutions of integrated skin + structure along with a complete understanding of fabrication possibilities, site conditions, logistics, labor rates and other related impacts on costs. Novum Designer Assist is a value added service that turned the One York Development project into a victory for all.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Size: 2,265 sq ft / 210 sq m

Systems Used: Architecturally Exposed Steel, Tension Cable, Point Supported Glass

Architects: Sweeny&Co Architects

General Contractor: EllisDon Corporation