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  • Novum provided a system-based solution as part of the Novum Designer Assist process which included the full package of engineering, fabrication, supply, and installation for the main entrance lobby façade at the brand new UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Denver, CO. The façade is curved in plan and measures approx. 101’ long and 25’-4” tall. The wall curves in and out of the building with differing radii. Novum engineers provided a solution with distinctively tall glass panels that accommodated the technical vision of the architectural team. This musculoskeletal hub in south metro Denver is the first of its kind in the UCHealth network, providing comprehensive, holistic diagnosis-to-recovery services for every type of athlete by utilizing the latest advancements in sports medicine.

    Supporting the glass are Novum Architecturally Exposed Steel horizontal members running along the length of the wall. The horizontal steel members are painted HSS 12x3 members that are curved where needed to achieve the unique geometry of the wall. There are 12mm Stainless-Steel Novum Tension Rods supporting the dead load of the glass, the horizontal steel members, the sunshades that can be seen on the top two horizontal steel members, and the heater that can be seen on the middle horizontal steel member. The Tension Rods run from the bottom horizontal steel member to the top of the wall behind the vertical glass joints.


    The lobby façade is created with insulated glass made with a monolithic layer on the outside and a laminated layer of glass on the inside. All the glass is flat, fully tempered, heat soak tested, and clear. The glass panels are approx. 6’-6” tall and vary in width from 4’-10” wide to 6’-3” wide. The narrower panels are used in the curved locations of the wall to best segment and create the curve of the wall with flat glass. The glass is supported with a Buttonhead Novum Point Supported Glazing supported by a Stainless-Steel Cast spider.

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Size: 2,400 sq ft / 225 sq m

Systems Used: Architecturally Exposed Steel, Point Supported Glass

Architects: BSA LifeStructures

General Contractor: Haselden Construction

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