Tailor Structural Glazing Solutions to Your Project

Tailor Structural Glazing Solutions to Your Project

Structural glazing systems are more than just a glass facade; they are precision-engineered, load-bearing elements that bring natural light, aesthetic appeal, and an unobstructed view to architectural projects. These systems stand as a testament to the marriage of technological advancement and design ingenuity.

Versatile Glazing System for Any Architectural Feature

The Point Supported Glass system, or PSG, is the epitome of subtlety and strength. Utilizing glass panels that are supported at strategic points, the PSG system allows for sheer, minimalist exteriors that seem to defy gravity.

The applications are as varied as the installation methods. Spiders can weld or mechanically fasten to Novum’s structural products, providing the foundation for suspended glass artistry. Structures with Novum’s PSG System are not just about support; they become a featured focus of any building.

Marriot Marquis Point Supported Glass Floating Canopy

Washington, DC’s Marriott Marquis is an architectural testament to the versatility of the PSG System. Stretching over 9,885 square feet, this canopy features a precision-engineered framework that supports floating glass with an almost ethereal aesthetic. In contexts such as this, Novum’s PSG System goes beyond the typical load-bearing functions; it becomes a piece of the architectural narrative, providing an open, yet sheltered, space that perfectly marries form and function.

Amid the seismic activity-prone region of Stockton, California, Novum’s PSG System helped Fentress Architects realize their design intent with the San Joaquin County Administration Building. A complex structure built to resist not just gravity, but the lateral forces of nature.

Cantilevered Sixth Floor Boardroom of the San Joaquin County Administration Building

The result is a stunning freeform architecture where glass and steel combine, not just to offer transparency and energy efficiency, but to tell a story of strength and resilience.

Glazing System for Freeform Structures

When looking to incorporate freeform structures into your design, Novum’s Edge Clamped Glass (ECG) System enables flexible glazing suited to angular changes. ECG’s adaptability allows for panels orientated vertically, sloped, or overhead.

The ECG system’s nearly frameless design aesthetic makes the glass “float.” The contemporary design uses economical clamped fitting – facilitating simple installations that withstand dead loading and applied wind loads.

Whether it’s the undulating shape of a facade or the sweeping rooflines of a stadium, Novum’s ECG System rises to the challenge with sophistication and ease.

Structural Glass Facades and Escalator Enclosure Using Edge Clamped Glass at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science

In Dallas, Texas, the Novum ECG System was a critical component of the Perot Museum of Nature & Science. The escalator enclosure, an internal atrium, and the main structural glass facades all utilized Novum’s Edge Clamped Glass System. The edge clamps maximize transparency and create a flush-glazed aesthetic.

Alongside the PSG System at the entranceway, interfacing the structures proved complex. Novum engineers integrated the final products with the architectural design. The integration in pre-construction and fabrication stages empowered installation – guaranteeing compatibility and simplifying the process.

Vertical and Sloped Glazing on Facades

The Corner Clamped Glass system, or CCG, is the definitive choice when your project demands a crisp, contemporary look with unobstructed horizontal and vertical views.

Novum’s CCG System has been employed in a range of projects, from skyscraper facades to grand hotel entrances. Its adaptable clamping mechanisms make it ideal for creating virtually uninterrupted glass walls that naturally light interiors.

Hess Tower Facade using a Corner Clamped Glazing System

The Hess Tower in Houston, Texas features a stunning CCG facade that has become an emblem of cutting-edge design. The clarity and apparent ‘glassiness’ that CCG provides helps in seamlessly blending the building’s interior with the downtown landscape, capturing the vibrancy of the city within its walls.

Extra Support for Other Systems or Spanning Skylights

The Linear Supported Glass system, or LSG, is a workhorse behind many ambitious glazing projects worldwide. It’s designed to work cohesively with other structural elements, offering support that facilitates more ambitious designs.

Novum’s LSG System comes into play when the demand for close-coupled glass and angular changes is high, offering industry-leading efficiency without sacrificing design.

Low Rise Double Curved Skylight above Civic Plaza at the Indianapolis International Airport

At the Indianapolis International Airport, the LSG System played a pivotal role in the design of a low-rise double-curved skylight above the Civic Plaza. This impressive installation allows natural light to flood into the space. It reduces the demand for artificial lighting and contributes to the airport’s sustainability efforts through solar control features.

Load Bearing Structural Glass Floors

When your project is designed to support all life and people loads, the Walkway Surface Glass (WSG) System by Novum delivers. Engineered to function as a load-bearing surface with a focus on both safety and aesthetics, the WSG System integrates glass with Architecturally Exposed Steel Systems, attaching directly to the substructure.

The Circulation Bridge Walkway at GM HQ in Detroit

At the General Motors Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Novum Systems enabled the construction of the largest suspended glass walkway in the US. Connecting four commercial towers, this feat of engineering showcases the true potential of the WSG System, transforming a corridor into an architectural masterpiece that enhances the surrounding environment.

Traditional Glazing System for Facades & Atriums

While innovation is key, sometimes the tried and tested provide the best solution. The Aluminum Supported Glass system, or ASG, is a more traditional approach that offers a discreet profile when structural glass is not the primary architectural feature. This system is the go-to for storefronts and atriums, providing rigidity and weatherproofing, without compromising on the view.

Inclined Atrium Walls & Glass Fin Facades at the Eighth Avenue Place

Calgary’s Eighth Avenue Place utilizes Novum’s ASG System in an inclined glass atrium that serves as the point of convergence for two distinct towers. The system’s aluminum support discreetly integrates with the overall design, allowing for an expansive view of the city while providing stability for Alberta’s variable climate conditions.

Curtain Walls, Floor Bridges, and Interior Glass Wall Project

The University of Cincinnati CARE/Crawley Building faced multifaceted challenges in integrating various glazing systems. Novum partnered with the architect to provide tailored solutions, from the intricate point-supported glass wall in the interior to the linear supported and walkway surface glass systems employed in the building’s circulation bridge walkway.

University of Cincinnati CARE/ Crawley Building Interior Glass Floor Bridges and Curtain Wall

The architect initially chose square-patterned, acid-etched glass for the glass bridges. The selection had ridges for traction, but it was outside of their budget. Novum worked directly with the glass fabricator to design a similar patterned glass. However, they used a traction control frit instead of acid etching, which enabled a similar look and traction within budget.


Whether Novum Structures’ commitment to understanding the unique requirements of each project is echoed throughout their design, fabrication, and installation processes. We offer seamless integration with the architect’s vision, a focus on sustainability, and a relentless pursuit of quality—from the first consultation to the final signature.

Whether it’s creating a point of architectural interest with Novum’s PSG System or blending into the background with the ASG System, Novum engineers collaborate with your team to realize your design intent with a corresponding budget from start to finish.

From preconstruction to installation, Novum Structures offers all-encompassing structural engineering services to support your next project.