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Formerly a subsidiary of German-based Mero GmbH, the company was rebranded to Novum Structures LLC in 2006 and has since become a leader in the structural glass and steel industry.

Mero Structures was incorporated on July 26, 1986.

Mero GmbH, a German company with a 60-year history of engineering architectural structures, launched a subsidiary in the US named Mero Structures.

Dr. Ian Collins joins as President.

Dr. Ian Collins was hired by Mero GmbH to serve as President of its US Company, Mero Structures. The business grew and expanded under Ian’s leadership completing many complex and high profile structures around the country and in strategically targeted global regions.

Menomonee Falls Headquarters

Mero Engineers planned and designed Mero’s new HQ building in Menomonee Falls, WI expanding its operational and fabrication capacity by 100,000 square feet.

Mero Structures is purchased.

Dr. Ian Collins, along with key Mero Structures management and a Milwaukee-based investment group, purchases the US business.

Toyota Portal Contract

Mero Structures develops the Portal System for Toyota Dealerships around the country. The translucent glass panel portals can be found on nearly every Toyota dealership across the United States.

Mero Structures is rebranded as Novum Structures LLC.

A pivotal transition and rebirth of the company begins a new identity with a new name and brand.

Novum Structures UK Ltd.

Novum Structures LLC purchases Rig N High and Covertex, companies in the UK that designed and constructed ETFE and Tensioned Membrane Structures. The company is rebranded as Novum Structures UK Ltd. and launches offices in London, England.

Novum Membranes

Novum Structures LLC purchases the world renowned ETFE manufacturing facility in Edersleben, Germany. The factory is highly recognised as an international leader in the fabrication of ETFE, PTFE, and PVC membranes.

Novum Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

With over 250 employees worldwide, Novum celebrates its 25th year in business.

First Use of Free Form in the United States

Novum engineers the first free form geodesic geometry in the United States at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Utilising free form geodesic geometry, the triangulated glass organically flows around and attaches to the rigid unfinished contrate box, a play hard and soft, protecting Dali’s collection of paintings and simultaneously providing natural daylight and openness to the adjacent bay.” – ArchDaily

Novum Award-Winning Projects

Novum achieves multiple Crystal Achievement and Glass Magazine Awards for its use of structural glass and steel on trademark buildings around the country.

Travis Loften is appointed CEO

Dr. Ian Collins retires and Travis Loften is appointed CEO of Novum Holdings LLC. Travis brings a fresh perspective to the Novum operation and leads the strategic direction and oversight of the diverse Novum group by establishing sustainable market growth in our global regions.

Novum Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

Now with over 3,000 projects worldwide, Novum is a pioneer of structural engineering on a global level. Our expert team spans 3 continents and our German-based values and principles are still our number one focus today. Our commitment to total quality is second to none, and we still have the same excitement to create spaces that promote innovation, imagination, and collaboration as we did 35 years ago.

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