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Different Types Of

Glazing Systems

Novum offers a variety of glazing systems to satisfy the varied aesthetics, complexities, and functional demands of architectural glazing applications. These systems are developed for use with all glass types (monolithic, laminated, and insulating) and are typically weather sealed using silicone and silicone gaskets.

What Is A PSG System?

The PSG-System provides the ability to generate high transparency with minimal support design and has been hugely instrumental in the development of highly technical facades. Novum’s fully tested system has been successful in thousands of projects including in high snow, seismic, and hurricane zones.

Point supported system

What Is An ECG System?

The ECG-System is when the glass is mechanically clamped at discreet points along its edges to meet strength and deflection needs, and typically requires no notching or drilling. Panels can be oriented vertically, sloped, or overhead, and can be of almost any shape.

Edge clamped system

What Is A CCG System?

Novum’s Corner Clamped Glass System is used primarily for vertical or sloped glazing, where flat glazing panels are supported only at their corners. It has a contemporary technology design aesthetic with minimal glass joint widths, which provides nominal interruption of glass surface for maximum transparency with an almost fully flush glazed aesthetic.

Corner clamped system

What Is A LSG System?

This system is typically used where a demand for close coupled glass to structure occurs or when code or client requires a secondary backup to the silicone glass joint. An elegant continuous support is achieved.

Linear supported

What Is A WSG System?

The Novum Walkway Glass System provides safety by utilizing slip design and structural redundancy, which are achieved by three layers of glass, so that if one layer cracks, the application remains safe temporarily.

Walkway surface system

What Is An ASG System?

While Novum is better known for its extensive use of structural glazing, applications can occur where the more conventional glass as a cladding with aluminum profile support is technically suited or architecturally desirable.

Aluminum supported system

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Glazing System In 3D

Novum utilizes six glazing systems to satisfy the varied aesthetics, complexities, and functional demands of architectural glazing applications. Novum has an industry-leading approach to the optimization and integration of glass and structure.







Some Of Our Glazing System Projects

Novum has expertly engineered, fabricated, and installed thousands of projects utilizing our Glazing Systems around the world.

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