Novum Designer Assist

A system solution to an architect’s design from conceptualization through final installation.


What is Novum Designer Assist?

Novum Designer Assist has become increasingly popular with architects, general contractors, and developers. Our program consists of a highly collaborative process that achieves the design intent within well-defined cost parameters.

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Why Use Novum Designer Assist

As solutions are being developed, Novum provides real-time budgeting which enables the architectural team to investigate ideas for change with immediate feedback on pricing.

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All-Inclusive Service

As a single source specialty contractor, we are very well positioned to give you the most accurate pricing for the construction of your project from conceptualization through final installation. We provide Engineering to Manufacturing to Installation, as a unique single source in supplying total quality within budget and an on-time delivery of glazed structures.

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Cost Effective

We can work with all kinds of budgets for Novum Designer Assist. We have in-house engineering, fabrication, project management, site management, and installation teams so we can control the bottom line from start to finish.

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Preserves Design

The earlier we become involved in the project lifecycle, the better we can control cost. Novum itemizes impacts for design while providing a menu of options for quick decision making throughout the entire Novum Designer Assist process. Ultimately, a beautiful high-performance design is created and built while eliminating the need for value engineering later in the project life cycle.

How We Help You:

Our Simple & Structured Approach

Total Quality, Budget Control, and Schedule as a Single Source Specialty Contractor.

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Identify your Specialty Structure(s) - Canopy, Facade, Atrium, Skylight

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Contact and we will assign your dedicated Regional Sales Manager.

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Your RSM will coordinate a meeting with the Novum Preconstruction team to develop preliminary concepts and budgets for your unique design. 

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Novum will present preliminary concepts with corresponding budgets to include the full engineering, fabrication, and installation of your project.

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Determine if Novum Designer Assist on the developed concept is the best direction for your team’s success.

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Begin Novum Designer Assist Process to include the Four Phases and Final Steps to Execution: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Development, and Contract Execution. 

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Some Of Novum Designer Assist Projects

The Novum Designer Assist process has resulted in hundreds of successful projects around the world. Novum’s ability to create corresponding budgets that meet the design intent while staying within the owner’s budget has truly set us apart.


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