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Turnkey Specialist for Structural Steel, Glass, and ETFE Solutions aboard World-Class Cruise Ships

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With over 10 years of expertise in the Marine industry, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of iconic structures that redefine luxury and elegance at sea.

  • In-house design.
  • In-house manufacturer, and on-site construction services.
  • DNV.GL classified workshops.
  • IMO/Wheelmark approved Marine Fire Rated Glazing.
  • Class-approved designed structures.
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Our Focus

When it comes to Solariums, Facades, Canopies, and Premium Marine Solutions, Novum Marine stands as your dependable partner on the high seas.



  • We utilize cutting-edge lightweight ETFE roofing systems that provide exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.
  • Our solariums are engineered with meticulous attention to watertight integrity.
  • We incorporate double-pane insulated glazing featuring low-E coatings. This advanced glazing system provides excellent thermal insulation and solar control.


  • As the leading provider in the industry, we offer a certified frameless faceted glazing system designed specifically for cruise ships.
  • We are the exclusive supplier of fire-rated glass systems for cruise ships, utilizing stainless steel profiles for corrosion protection. These systems are engineered to meet stringent European fire safety regulations, a critical aspect of marine safety and compliance.
  • Our wave impact glass solutions are engineered to withstand the challenging marine environment. These wave impact glass systems are subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring they can handle wave impacts and maintain their integrity during sea voyages.


  • Our expertise in ETFE solutions ensures that cruise ship canopies maintain their transparency and strength throughout extended voyages.
  • Our canopies are designed with meticulous attention to detail, seamlessly integrating with the ship's existing structural elements.
  • We work closely with architects and engineers to create canopies that enhance the ship’s overall visual appeal while providing functional, weather-resistant canopies for passengers and crew.
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Our Main Systems

Fire Rated Glass System

Marine Fire Rated Glazing

Novum Marine Fire Rated Glazing has undergone rigorous testing and certification processes, aligning with the stringent FTP Code 2010 Part 3 standards at an accredited testing facility. It proudly holds certification in accordance with the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

Key system specifications include:

  • Our MED certification aligns seamlessly with A-60/A-30 class requirements, catering comprehensively to both straight and faceted wall configurations.
  • Marine Fire Rated Glazing has demonstrated its efficacy across segment join angles spanning from 180 degrees (straight) to 90 degrees, underscoring its versatility and reliability.
  • Crafted from 1.4401-grade stainless steel, these profiles deliver unparalleled corrosion protection, an essential attribute in the demanding marine environment.
Wave Impact System
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Wave Impact Glass

Novum Marine specializes in a comprehensive range of glass and steel structures within marine design and construction. Notable examples of our expertise include the remarkable Eden glass wall aboard the Edge, a structure situated in a wave impact zone, entirely engineered and executed by Novum Marine. Our capabilities extend beyond dynamic designs to encompass straightforward steel and glass design projects as well.

Key system specifications include:

  • Rigorously tested up to 4 times the design load in accordance with DNV GL's regulations.
  • Glazing without the need for capping, ensuring a sleek and unobstructed aesthetic.
  • A fully sealed system, delivering optimal performance and reliability.
ETFE canopy on cruise ship
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ETFE System

Novum Marine's ETFE System combines the advantages of aluminum profiles and stainless steel fixings with advanced isolation controls to combat bio-metal corrosion. The ETFE film, known for its exceptional transparency and versatility, is certified to Euro B1 fire standards and is available in various thicknesses and colors, making it an ideal choice for marine applications.

Key system specifications include:

  • Certificate No: TAF00001T1.
  • Incorporates aluminum profiles and stainless steel fixings.
  • Features isolation controls to prevent bio-metal corrosion.
  • Exceptionally lightweight, approximately 1% of glass weight.
  • Typically 250 microns (um) thick, with various other thickness options available.
  • Can be implemented as inflated multilayer pillows for enhanced thermal performance or as Single-Skin ETFE.
  • Offers options for colored ETFE (through embodied process).

Tell Us More About Your Project

Novum Marine will collaborate with your team to create a complete system solution to your design intent with a corresponding budget. Contact us today.

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Tell Us More About Your Project

Novum Marine will collaborate with your team to create a complete system solution to your design intent with a corresponding budget. Contact us today.

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