Linear Supported Glass. This system is typically used where a demand for close coupled glass to structure occurs or when code or client requires a secondary back up to the silicone glass joint.  An elegant continuous support is achieved. The system is comprised of aluminum and silicone profiles with stainless-steel fasteners mechanically connecting the profiles to substructure. The profiles can be slightly elevated from or flush to the supporting structure. The elevated method reduces the need for tight structural tolerances on the steel, simplifies angle changes at connections and improves air flow to reduce condensation traps. Hence, is functionally better and easier to maintain. The external glazing face can be flush or with caps. The system is designed to function on planar, and even freeform surfaces, and functions at all inclinations from vertical to horizontal.

Applications are typically in facades, sloped or overhead glazing. This system is more field labor and material intense than the ECG-System to achieve a different look with added function.

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