Tension Rod. Where nominal prestress is required in tension elements, high strength stainless-steel rods are better suited than cables. Novum has created and fully tested its own line of architectural lightweight stainless-steel tension rods which are aesthetically pleasing, fast to design, readily available and economical. The rod ends are typically cast, and machined open clevis. Various diameters are available up to 1.2” (30mm) and attractive connectors and turnbuckles are used for longer items. The actual rod is machined, and end fittings are typically brushed finish. However, alternative end fittings can be developed. Conventional stock type mild steel tension rods and fittings are also available where architecturally desired or loading dictates.

Design examples are suspended facades, dead load hangers and the in-plane X-bracing of trusses, walls and roofs.

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