Marriott Marquis: Skylight

This wedge-shaped skylight is over 250’ long and approximately 180’ at its widest point, providing natural light into the central courtyard of a hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. The structural challenges of achieving such a large span were increased by the owner’s desire that the skylight be engineered to withstand a potential bomb blast and the large lateral movements of the two supporting structures. Novum’s engineering team rose to the occasion, coming up with an elegantly simple solution of tri-chord trusses spanning across the skylight to support longitudinally-running steel purlins and transverse aluminum mullions. At the east and west ends of the skylight there are glazed clerestories to provide additional light into the space.

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Size: 35,900 sq ft / 3,335 sq m

Systems Used: AES, BB, TR, ASG

Architect: tvdesign